Are you doing your best work? Is your organization aligned to drive agility, growth and efficiency? 

If not, why not? 


Karen Walker works with CEOs and their senior leadership teams, creating the opportunity for them to do their best work individually and collectively. Together, we dramatically strengthen alignment, support growth and create value. This drives powerful results — agility, the ability to scale and to be more profitable due to the increased efficiencies.

It is no longer enough to be individually technically good at your position – you also need the ability to operate well within a team. Today’s organizations need teams where individuals are working at their peaks - no dumbing down!
— Karen Walker
Karen has been an incredibly valuable asset to the strategy and growth of our business. Her work began in the area of strategic planning and now includes staff development, growth assessments, talent acquisition, organizational structure...and global growth strategies that include M&A. She is a trusted advisor to our senior leadership, counted on in numerous ways. Her character is impeccable, which goes along well with acute business acumen.

— Steve Schlesinger, CEO Schlesinger Associates
Karen has an uncanny sense of how to draw out the best in people - to get them to realize that the effective team is greater than than the sum of its parts . . . It is impressive to watch and even more moving to experience the transformation that she engenders. Champlain’s engagement of Karen has been one of the best moves we have made. Our leadership team has benefitted tremendously and the lessons we learned from Karen serve us well every day.
— Dr. David F. Finney, President Champlain College
My work with Karen made me a more effective CEO. Some of the moves we made led to our most profitable quarter ever.
— Tara Carillo, CEO, The Clearing

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